How much does RAM matter in a gaming rig?

How much does RAM matter in a gaming rig?

Building a gaming PC is a hard thing to do because there are various things to consider. You can find an array of processors, graphics and RAM types and capacities. As you follow some basic guides, you can come up with a good gaming PC. However, the question arrives: how much RAM capacity is sufficient to play almost every game? This is hard to find the right capacity but doing so can help in many ways. Most of the games launched in 2017 can be played with 8GB of RAM and this can be called as the standard one.

RAM Required To Play Almost Every Game

If all the components like graphics card and process is of higher configuration including the SSD storage then you can find that 8GB is working well with most of the games. As the PC technology is changing so you can find that some of the graphics cards work well with 8GB RAM. On the other hand, using better models doesn’t provide the same performance. This depends on storage and the buffering. Well, after checking most of the games launched this year, it can be said that 16GB RAM is recommended and it will be a good option for next year. If you are going to build a PC and don’t want to look at configuration again then use Nvidia VRAM 4GB as minimum and 16GB of actual RAM.

Considering Other Factors

A gaming PC works well if all the components are optimized with each other and are supported well. You should use a good motherboard and power supply so that you can get better processing. Almost every game can be played on PCs that are completely optimized and they have average or better video gaming hardware. This requires thorough and complete research. Stay selective in approach while choosing parts and keep up with my blog for more tips on building your desktop. One example is finding a good video card for under $200. I did a lot of holiday shopping this year and came up with a good list to put up on my blog.

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