How to build a gaming PC?

How to build a gaming PC?

Gaming PCs are not new in the market but the demand has kept on changing as per the increase in graphics of video games. There are many things that a buyer has to consider so that he/she can come up with the best PC at specific points in time. Well, it is all about choosing the right components that are completely get optimized for each other. If you haven’t built a gaming PC then this short guide should help you know what components are required for optimum gaming. Note that I do play a ton of video games in my downtime. I will have a post regarding my daily routine soon on this blog.

Components To Choose

Purchasing a monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard and other small components can be done later so the first thing you should focus on is the PC itself. You need to buy a CPU first because it will be the heart of your PC and if you want to get into seriously hardcore gaming then an Intel i5 can be the best option while providing the most value. However, choose the latest generation one if you want to keep up, and don’t worry because they are usually the best performance per dollar processors. An i5 is the minimum for gaming though; ideally, if you can afford it, purchase an i7 CPU or consider some of the higher end AMD Ryzen processors. After this, a graphics card that is helpful in loading the video graphics and running the game smoothly is important. The Nvidia GTX 980 can be a good choice but after this, you should check out RAM. Basically, 4GB is good for simple gaming and 8GB can be said as the standard amount. If the games will be large in size then equip 16GB DDR4 to never face any issue. These are the typical video gaming hardware that is good enough to play any game.

What’s more?

Storage is the next important thing and SSD along with 1TB of HDD space will be enough to begin. Later on, you can equip extra according to your needs. Choose a motherboard that can support it and a good SMPS (power supply unit) that can let you use all these parts optimally. Get a custom casing for the PC you are going to create and use a cooling system because this PC will be heating a lot due to its high end components and gaming.

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