The best deal from this holiday

The best deal from this holiday

So holiday buying season is pretty much being wrapped up. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were awesome, and so were the rest of the deals leading up to the end of the year. My favorite one, however, was the Xiaomi Air 13 going on sale for a ridiculous price. For those that don’t know, the Air 13 is Xiaomi’s entry into the premium laptop industry. It’s their direct response to the Apple Macbook Air. It is a lightweight 13″ laptop that is supposed to be as strong as the Macbook Pro, not the Macbook Air. So it has some hefty expectations it has set for itself.

The deal on Black Friday was $749 for the Xiaomi Air. Read this, its actual retail price is $1459. So it’s almost a half off saving for the laptop. Of course, if you have no idea what Xiaomi is, the deal has far less value because you are less likely to purchase something from a company you know nothing about. However, I’ve been a big fan of Xiaomi for the longest time because I am a tech geek. I have wanted an Air 13 for a while as well, since my old laptop was getting heavy and I just wanted something lightweight that can manage the multitude of tasks I have to do everyday.

I do want to keep this short, because there are already a ton of reviews on the Air 13 online that are far more comprehensive than I care for mine to be. I just wanted to update all my readers on how great this little laptop is. The overall design is nothing short of quality. It looks like Apple designed it, to be quite honest. That isn’t a knock on Xiaomi, though. Mimicking styles is the new trend, especially in technology where every smartphone manufacturer wants theirs to look like an iPhone. It is what the industry has come to. Apple’s Macbook laptops have set the standard for aesthetic quality, and Xiaomi just has to follow in their footsteps. What we have in design is a sleek-looking, fully colored laptop that just looks — premium.

Surprisingly, the build quality is amazing as well. If you don’t know what Xiaomi is, you may just dismiss it as another cheap laptop maker. But if I’m going to pay $1400+ (in my case, I paid only ~$800 after taxes) for a laptop, I need it to be completely quality, from design, performance, and build quality. The screen moves back and forth smoothly, I don’t notice any cheap wiggles, and the keyboard on this is sturdy.

On top of everything, the laptop itself is very powerful. It has 8GB of RAM, which I love since I have open several tabs at once, on top of some of the sound engineering I implement in my work everyday. The 1080p display is nice, but expected. My favorite thing about this laptop is just how nice the speakers are. They sound great, and while laptop speakers will never sound like true headphones, the virtual surround sound on this is a nice addition to an already powerful laptop.

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