Why I got into sound engineering

Why I got into sound engineering

For those that don’t know or didn’t read this page, I used to do a bunch of sound engineering for a band called The Long Winters. Now I am the director of technology for a great firm and handle a multitude of hardware. But it all started when I was playing with my electronic keyboard back when I was just starting college. I had the classic MD-2000. Playing around with it was really exciting, as I kept working on different sounds. That’s actually when I thought I should go into music engineering. Not because I loved music, but because I liked the different sounds my keyboard could make.

I connected the keyboard to the computer I got for my birthday and got to work with some programs. FL Studio was the cheapest option at the time, and it still probably is, so that’s what I used. I moved on to Ableton a few years later when I could afford it, though.

But basically, the reason I got into sound engineering is because I just have this strange fascination for making sound bytes. It didn’t even have to be music-related. I loved the little car “vroom” sounds my keyboard could make, the percussion, all of it. I started branching out to see if there was a career in it, so for years I just kept working on my craft. I included music as a part of my sound engineering resume because it was definitely fun and I’m a rock fan for life. I was working on music and sound engineering at the same time. It was great. Then my friends from the band hit me up and we founded The Long Winters. We did a bunch of records and were an awesome band. Keyboarding and vocals were my specialties. I’d still do it again if I am being completely honest.

Now, all my work in technology has built up and I’ve landed a job as the director of technology. I am very proud of it. And it all started in college, just playing around with a little keyboard. Link up that keyboard to a powerful computer and you have a setup. Keep playing, practicing, fiddling around, etc. and you end up with some real skill. I guess the point of this post is to fascinate people and inspire that you can really do whatever you want as long as you have passion for it. Kind of cliche, now that I think of it. But that’s how I got my start.

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