A typical day

A typical day

I do get a few emails once in a while that ask a little bit more about my life. I thought writing about a typical day for me would be an awesome way to share that with you guys. Again, I do appreciate everyone that contacts me. I love all my readers and I am glad that my blog has picked up in a relatively short time.

I usually wake up early in the morning, say something like 7am. It has always been a habit to wake up this early. I also should mention I do it without an alarm whatsoever. I love waking up naturally in the morning, so I have trained myself to just wake up whenever it’s time. I work at 10am every day anyway so I have some runtime if I ever get late, which never happens. I get a morning tea from Starbucks and bring along my laptop, which thanks to the holiday is now this sick Air 3 that I am glad I bought. I do some regular browsing, checking emails, and whatnot in the Starbucks while I sip on my tea. “Regular browsing” also includes going on Reddit and checking news. Basically, I start the day with some free time for myself.

After that, which takes maybe 30 minutes, I head back home and eat some real breakfast. I do enjoy cooking, so most of the time, I cook for myself to eat instead of going out each time. It saves money as well. When that’s done, I go up to my computer in my room and just fiddle around with sound creation. I still make music from time to time. The morning is pretty much my hobbies. I use it to relax and get ready for the day. Kind of an unorthodox way to spend the day, though, since most people are chilling after they work, not before.

It’s usually time to head to work, so I do that. I work 8 hour days, so I am home by around 7pm. If I don’t have any errands to run for the day, I just kind of go back into relaxing. I watch numerous shows online, from Rick and Morty to The Office. It’s all just a relaxation thing. Time enjoyed is not wasted, plus it’s not like I am wasting my days being non-productive either. Sometimes I go back into my keyboard and try something new, but otherwise I am chilling the rest of the day.

That’s it for the majority of my days. Obviously it varies sometimes depending on what comes up. Sometimes I hang out with friends or eat outside with them, schedule appointments, and whatever else. But that is the gist of my day. I hope it was interesting enough. Also, Happy New Year to everyone since this is my first post on the blog for the year.

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