How’s the site design?

How’s the site design?

Hey everyone, this is kind of just a meta-blog post. I wanted to ask for feedback on how the website looks. I think it looks awesome and I am so thankful for my friend, Jason, who helped set the site up with me. Great friends are worth keeping, guys! Just some wise words.

I do love the overall look of it. My logo was done by myself, so excuse its simplicity. But I think it fits well with the theme of things. The background image was also a photograph I took myself of one of my computer builds. I set the focus primarily on the video card, since there is no gaming power without the card, right? 🙂

I look forward to adding more content to the site through the year, as long as my readers keep reading. Do send feedback, though. I’d also love to hear about what you guys want me to write about. I have a variety of knowledge and really don’t mind writing about anything technology- or gaming-related. I am starting to see how fun it is to blog and write about the fun things in my life, namely those two in tech and gaming. I am also considering using the tags function here on WP, but am undecided. It seems like it could help with searching through the blog, but it’s also tedious and might be too much on the look of the site. We will see.

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