How to build a budget gaming PC?

How to build a budget gaming PC?

Last year we talked about building your own PC for the first time. This time around, I want to help my awesome readers with a short guide on building a budget based computer. We all know it’s expensive to build from scratch, so helping you save money while allowing you power to work and game on is important. In order to build a PC, there are many factors that you have to pay attention to. Basically, if you are going to build it on a fixed budget then chances are great that you will lose performance in many columns. All the components used in a gaming PC are good and costly. However, Intel and AMD are coming up with processors that are able to provide better performance for less money.

Where To Compromise?

You have to compromise in many components but if you spend money in the wrong manner then getting decent performance can be hard. Well, if you are going to spend around $500 then you should go for Intel i3 processors (don’t buy the latest generation processor unless you can find it cheap). The previous generation processors are also good for gaming and you can get them for cheap prices, especially if you go used. After this, purchase 4GB DDR3 RAM as it is decent to play almost every game. Click this for my short guide on how much RAM to use for gaming builds.

Graphics card is the most important and you should spend 40% of your money on this. That is a general percentage but it is what I use. If you get a 2GB VRAM Nvidia GeForce 960 then it can help in many ways for building a budget PC. Now, I prefer HDD storage to save money and if you can exceed your budget a little bit then a SDD will be definitely be a better choice.

Get Your Motherboard

The motherboard can be compromised little bit but the last thing is the power supply where you can’t think about spending less. This should be good enough to supply power efficiently. Get a case and choose a sufficient cooling method. Use cheap fans to cool down your PC, instead of expensive water cooling systems. If you live in a cold region then the fans can help and sometimes aren’t even needed. However, if you are from a warm region then spend more money on this component because your computer can’t give better performance if it heats up, not to mention the costs of hardware breaking down due to overheating. This issue can be alleviated with cooling gels and such other methods.

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