What is the deal with integrated graphics?

What is the deal with integrated graphics?

This might come off as a rant-like post. Maybe it is, who knows. It’s my blog, who cares. Regardless, I’ve seen a lot of posts out online that complain about integrated graphics like it’s some sort of sin to use. You know what people, sometimes people cannot afford a graphics card. That’s just the gist of it. Plain and simple. Some people simply cannot afford the high tech. So you guys are kind of just making fun of those guys, just because they can’t afford what you can.

I say this because I was in that situation once. Remember my start in sound engineering? I was just a poor little college kid. I didn’t even buy my MD-2000 keyboard. It was given to me as a gift. I couldn’t afford it at the time. It took me 6 months of playing around with it before I was able to afford a computer to connect it with and really get my start on engineering sound bytes. Even then, that desktop wasn’t the strongest out there. I had to keep working at my low-end college job just to afford parts to make the PC as powerful as I could make it so sound engineering would take less time.

Going back to the topic at hand, I just want people on the internet to be nicer, which seems like an impossible task these days. I love the informative posts about integrated graphics. But I do not like the bullying or jokes that other people post. If you want to be helpful online when someone asks about integrated graphics as an option for gaming, be helpful. Tell them it’s not completely viable to give good framerates, but it can be done on lower end games. How hard is it to be nice and informative? I literally just saw a post making fun of the guy asking, saying things like “how are you going to game without a graphics card?” Like what sense does it make to just be rude like that? Just be nice and the world will be a better place. Integrated graphics aren’t too bad. I’ve played a good share of great games using just integrated graphics. Sure, the video quality won’t be the best, but sometimes you have to just deal with it. I played League of Legends just fine with an integrated graphics solution. I played games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 with nice framerates and was consistently able to get to the top of the charts. It’s all about perspective. Some people just don’t have what you have and you don’t need to step on them for it.

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