PC configuration required to play 60 FPS content

PC configuration required to play 60 FPS content

There is no doubt that vlogging and cinematography is in trend. Heck, even I do it and I have very little time these days. Most of these people own DSLRs and cameras that are able to record 4K videos on 60 FPS. Well, this higher resolution on this much FPS require different PC configurations to be able to actually play these videos. Editing these video clips can be a daunting task and can’t be really be done with a PC that is not made for intense tasks like gaming.


If you are facing problem in playing such videos then chances are higher that you have an outdated media player. Either that or your processor is not able to run this large of a file size and give the proper bitrates. You likely have a budget-based desktop. And if you are playing these videos on YouTube then perhaps your internet connection or speed can be the problem. The Windows operating system can be the last thing and if this isn’t working well due to viruses or malware, then use anti-virus and clean it up.

Video editing, along with games, requires a pretty strong PC configuration to actually do


In order to determine the speed, there are many website that can help. If the processor or your graphics card (check here for great video card selections under a budget) is not enough to run video then you should use Intel i5 for 1080p videos running on 60fps. If this is 4K resolution then the latest generation Intel i7 is minimum requirement. A graphics card plays a vital role and you should use a dedicated graphics card instead of integrated garphics, at least for this situation. Basically, graphics card for gaming and video editing are different in many ways. So, if you want to play videos than you should choose the dedicated graphics card for sure.

This is all you can do and resolve most of the issue related to videos issues. You can build a dedicated video editing PC and do all that work with ease. Otherwise, some utility tools can help in converting the video to a smaller resolution and make them playable.

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