Civilization VI is amazing

Civilization VI is amazing

Just wanted to write a quick update for the blog and talk about Civilization VI. I don’t think I mentioned it in my typical day post, but from time to time I enjoy playing video games on my desktop at home. I recently picked up Civilization VI from a sale over the holiday and it has been nothing short of fantastic. I should also note that I haven’t played Civilization, or any PC game recently for that matter, in a long long time. The last Civ I played was probably Civ IV, so I skipped the 5th entry.

A lot has changed in this game. It looks fantastic, for one. It also runs really well on my laptop, and I always have to appreciate developers that put in the work to optimize their games for those that don’t have bulky $2000 gaming computers. I have built my own computer (more on that later) where I play the game the most, but I love the ability to just play on my laptop whenever I have downtime.

I actually took this screenshot on my Air 13. The graphics could be less cartoony, but overall it looks great and detailed

For example, I go to Starbucks every morning to relax and prepare for the day. Sipping tea or coffee in the morning while playing one of the best, most well-thought out strategy games is a very stimulating experience. It is good for the mind.

But yeah, the game is fantastic. It is very deep and it still carries that Civ formula that can suck you in for hours.

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