Minimum PC configuration required to play GTA V

Minimum PC configuration required to play GTA V

In order to play awesome games on PC, there is need for a dedicated graphics card and it also needs a pretty good processor that is able to provide enough processing speed to render the thousands of calculations video games require. GTA V is a popular game and this is the burning question on what minimum need to play this game on PC is. Well, this game can be played on a budget gaming rig but if you want to play it on higher resolution and ultra setting then the best method is to upgrade some of your parts. The minimum requirement to play GTA V goes as follows:

Recommended Configuration 

The first thing that runs a game is the operating system and Window 7 on 64-bit looks like the minimum to play this game. Windows 8 is generally looked at as a bad OS for gaming, so steer clear of that. Either play the game on Windows 7 or Windows 10, as those are more optimized. On the other hand, Window 7 on 32-bit works decently well. Using an Intel i5 processor like the i5-3470 to get 3.2 GHz processing speed is enough. Basically, there are 4 cores that work to provide this fast processing. The graphics card required is at least a Nvidia GTX 660 2GB, but consider upgrading even more if you want to play on higher settings. If the graphics card is not meeting the minimum requirements then you can still play the game since Rockstar did a great job optimizing. However, it is recommend to replace it with this card or a far better one so that you can get better performance. This game’s size is 65 GB so don’t install it in the system drive and make sure you empty up the storage so that PC doesn’t lag at all due to clogging of storage.

How To Get Better Performance?

If you don’t want to face any issues and remove the lag issues that are occurring in game performance then you can do this with the help of reduced resolution. Change the game’s settings to lower. This will be better though but it will be working smooth and it can help in getting awesome performance from your low configuration PC.

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